I have lots of kites but these are my favourites
revoloution 4 string kite A 4 string kite that will fly in any wind and confuse a lot of onlookers. It can stop and fly sideways and backwards as well as forwards. It came with an amusing video with some very sincere american (are there any other?) who demonstrated flying the thing in what seemed like a huricane. After listening to the video you could be mistaken for thinking this kite would change your life ! I tried flying it in similar weather and broke all the carbon rods but this is definitely my favourite kite.

Blade III 4.9
blade 4.9m 4 string power kite A large ram airofoil kite that developes a surprising (very surprising) amount of force. The first time I took it to the park, it flew me rather than the other way round - I was lifted about 5 foot of the ground and seeing as I'd only just bought the kite so I certainly wasn't going to let go. The aim of getting such a large kite was to learn to handle it in the park, then perhaps on a mountain board (a bit like a skate board) and then to move on to kite surfing. Must admit though I find it almost too much of a hand full unless the winds gentle. I did try kite surfing for a long weekend and felt like I'd been put on the rack - definitely a sport for younger men who can already surf and who enjoy being in the water.

Box kite
box kite - 1 string It does nothing except fly but it's beautifull to watch and will fly up as high as your string will reach. Its great to just lay back in the park on a sunny day with a few fluffy clouds and just day dream while watching this kite. I also found out that the CAA allows kite flying on my local common to a height of 250' so it appears I might get in trouble with this kite - the reel is huge.

small ram kite - 2 string This is a 2 string RAM air kite that fits into a tiny bag and provides hours of entertainment on the beach. It doesn't weigh much so it flys in very light winds. In strong winds the lines literally sing as they slice through the air - great. It has very small lines at the back of the wing to tie the main lines to before folding up - simple but it works. I may try converting a radio controlled plane which I crash every time I fly into an RC paramotor using this kite as the wing.

Area 51 trick kite
trick kite - 2 string I like the design of the kite, it's well built and light but I find trick kite flying almost impossible. I've watched others do the tricks, I've sat infront of instructional videos, I've read web pages but all to no avail.

1 line RAM
A small kite that literally stuffs into your pocket. My 8 year old son used to like this one but now he's eyeing up my stunt kites.

Thomas the tank engine kite
My younger son likes says this is his favourite

Indian fighting kite
fighting kite It's strange to watch a single line kite flying as if it was a 2 string kite and doing stunts just above peoples heads. I asked how you fly them and was given a lesson. It then turned out the chap made them in his spare time and sold them - I think it was an easy sale for him! While you pull on the line the kite will fly in a straight line, release pressure and the kite starts to rotate, start pulling when the kite is pointing in the right direction. If the kite is laying in the grass then, holding the line low to thr ground, give a short tug to get it off the ground, relax pressure untill pointing upwards then reel it in. If the wind is gusty then control is difficult.

Overall I think they are great kites but they could be improved by :-

  • allow spar to detach so it can fold up
  • have 2 different spars for different wind strengths
  • use a cardboard tube for transportation
  • use the tube as a permanent reel for the line
  • I'd prefer a slightly bigger kite even if it was slower
  • a small light weight band on the spar for balancing
  • allow the spar to stick out making ground launch easier

Trekking Parawing
Ground handling but NOT with my parawing Not strictly a kite and, at 30m square, it gets you a few strange looks on the park. I practise ground handling the wing at the local park when I can't go paramotoring. To hold the wing you need to be strapped into a full size harness. Control is mainly via a pair of brake lines, but also through trimmers and 4 sets of risers per side. If the wind is more than 12mph then things can get quite difficult very quickly.