Mike Robinson

out skiing To read the stories just click on the links below or wait for the frames version to appear and click on the relevant image. Most of the images within each story are just thumbnails and will expand to full size if you click them. out flying

Some of my fun projects:
play checkers/draughts play Othello play Connect 4 fun arcade game play chess

The bit below is a sort of very lazy cv but will hopefully allow people to find me. I guess for completeness I should also say I used to put guttering on houses, do stand up comedy in London and was very nearly in the Luxembourg cavalry!

Lived Studied Worked
Leicester Evington Woodbank Eurostat Luxembourg
Loughborough Leicester City Boys Grammer Ceries
Luxembourg Loughborough Technical College Nomura
Woolwich London Thames Polytechnic (Greenwich University now!) Goldman Sachs
Streatham London . Barclays Capital
. . BNP Paribas
. . Citigroup

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